oh darling

bonjour paul et merci marc.

my name in chinese

i think this is right - the first one means “girl name”, the second one means “tower”, and the third one means “flower”. so i’m a girl flower tower? - it kind of made me think of raphunzel. i do like that meaning more than “born on christmas” though.

my future job… if you believe in luck… cross your fingers for me!

this means i need to learn french… pronto.

Look where Mickey took me :P

i don’t know shit about hockey, but i don’t think i’d find this type of a food at an american hockey game.

new hair <3 

it’s more copper in the sunlight. thats what i’m telling myself.

finally got the blueberry muffin right.

now i don’t have to eat anymore croissants! :P 

i love you Coop <3


all 9 platforms were empty.. i don’t know why this intrigued me so much :P

Anonymous asked: Did you delete your facebook account?

yes, but i have a new one!


i couldnt keep up with everything on the other one and i wanted to start over ;)

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